Monday, November 16, 2009

The End of a Six Thousand Year Elliott Wave Cycle : MarketClub Trader’s Blog

When thoughts previously relegated to the lunatic fringe (such as the end of civilization in hyperinflation and peak everything) move on to appear in MSM out of the mouths of respectable talking heads, I guess it makes room for new stuff.

MarketClub Trader’s Blog:
"Clearly the decline of the Roman Empire was a down turn economically, but it pales in comparison to one that occurred over 24 centuries earlier. That was the Global Flood. The earth’s population at that time could have been hundreds of millions, perhaps even over a billion, but was reduced to 8 people. From an Elliott Wave point of view, this constitutes the end of a super-millennial second wave. In essence, it was almost a double bottom from a population standpoint. But apparently, a major reason for the multi-decade exercise of building the ark was to force Noah and his family to learn about and preserve as much of the technology of that era as they possibly could. The long life spans for those sixteen hundred years prior to the flood had resulted in an explosion of technology. (Gen. 4:21-22) Therefore, after the Flood, as the Super-Millennial third wave began, technological advancement was able to build on previous knowledge, albeit not as rapidly as before, due to the shortening human lifespan."

Click through to see some cool graphs with The Flood on the left end, and Fibonacci leaps up to the present.

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