Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Daily Bail and the heist

I was looking at old videos in The Daily Bail, a bailuot-centric media archive containing "Bailout News, Opinion & Analysis". Built in web 2.0 spirit, it seems to be more a clearinghouse of embedded links than a content web site (their video email alert service looks promising). At first glance I wondered it if's just another AdSense operation with no real pretensions. But at second glance I noticed there were no Google ads in the page. At the third glance I noticed their suggestion to email material to congressmen and call Geitner's office and fax. That's where I started actually reading the text. It stars "If you wish to help the cause" without mentioning what is that cause being referred to, but then the last line says:
Our only realistic chance of stopping the heist will come as a result of the effort that we all put into this endeavor
Some call it a coup, some a robbery, but propaganda-wise, I like heist better. I used to like "banksters" but it sounded a little old. Perhaps in the age of Mafia Wars games, where via iPhone people enlist their friends and family to by guns and rob the neighborhood grocery store, "banksters" just doesn't carry a connotation that's sufficiently negative.

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